Breaking bad – Day 1

It’s been a long time since I last posted here. Life has happened and I have not really taken the time for self-care.

I am hoping to change that by blogging each day so I can keep myself accountable. I am breaking those bad habits one step at a time with D’s help, my Sisters for Fitness group and doing my life savers each morning.

One of the things I love about Colorado is the beauty all around. Each morning I wake up in this beautiful place reminds me how beautiful life is. The mountains, the weather, and the fresh air are perfect.

It is so easy to take it all for granted, so my commitment is to get up each morning and go out for at least 30 minutes and just enjoy being out in nature.

This morning I did just that, I spent over an hour walking, enjoying the sunrise, seeing the mountains come to life with all the vibrant colors, hearing the birds chirping and best of all enjoying the fresh air.

Life is beautiful!!

Taking Charge of My Health

Looking back…
In 2011 I was diagnosed with fibroids. This started me down a road where I systematically lost/gave up control of my health. It was slow and gradual and by the time I fully understood the significance of what my body was telling me, things had hit rock bottom.  I had undergone a surgery without understanding the true consequences because doctors told me (more…)

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